More than 80 percent of the world’s adults will be consuming no more than 1,000 calories per day by 2050

More than 85 percent of Americans will be eating less than 800 calories per week by 2050, and about 15 percent will be doing so less than 500 calories a day, according to a new report.The findings by the U.N. […]

‘Pesto-spiced’ spaghetti sauce helps with achy joints

Spaghetti sauce is a classic comfort food.Now, a new Italian-inspired sauce is making its way around the world and is touted to help with arthritis and chronic pain.The Italian word for spaghetti sauce is spaghettini, and it’s often used as […]

How to avoid food poisoning and food poisoning-related illnesses in New York

You don’t need to be in New Jersey or Florida to be poisoned by a foodborne illness.The most common cause of food poisoning is not a food item but the person who ate it.Here’s how to avoid getting sick from […]

How to use the Tomatoes, Spinach and Lettuce Nutrition Calculator

Health experts warn against eating too many vegetables in one meal, but they say the best way to keep your waistline healthy is to eat them in smaller portions.If you’re not eating enough veggies, you may be eating more carbs […]

How to eat corona refrescia nutrition information

What is corona refreshcia nutrition info?Coral refrescia is an ingredient in citrus juices and some juices that contain orange.It’s found in the juice of coralline, the same orange that you’ll find in most oranges.Its name comes from the Greek word […]