McDonald’s nutrition information guide is a confusing mess, says nutritionist

Posted November 07, 2018 07:20:36 The nutrition information for McDonald’s french fries and ketchup, which is included on the menu, is confusing.In fact, there’s no nutrition information at all.A nutritionist told Business Insider that the information is confusing because McDonald’s […]

Why do some tacos seem more delicious when they are cooked with tomatoes?

The answer may have something to do with the amount of water in the sauce.In the past, tomatoes have been known to soak up water and cause a tomato flavor to be muted, which could lead to the flavor being […]

Blackberry nutritional info,Blackberry’s Blackberry Blend,Apple,Apple iPhone,BlackBerry Q10,Apple Watch

Blackberry’s nutritional info is available on its website.It offers a comprehensive list of nutritional facts, links to nutrition calculators, and offers a free app.Here are some of the highlights:Blackberry Blend is a blend of dark chocolate and cocoa nibs.

How much is it to eat and what should you be eating?

On average, you need to eat 4,000 calories to meet your daily caloric requirement, according to the USDA.But there are many ways to meet that requirement.If you’re going to eat more than 4,500 calories, you’ll need to make sure you’re […]

‘Pesto-spiced’ spaghetti sauce helps with achy joints

Spaghetti sauce is a classic comfort food.Now, a new Italian-inspired sauce is making its way around the world and is touted to help with arthritis and chronic pain.The Italian word for spaghetti sauce is spaghettini, and it’s often used as […]

How to avoid food poisoning and food poisoning-related illnesses in New York

You don’t need to be in New Jersey or Florida to be poisoned by a foodborne illness.The most common cause of food poisoning is not a food item but the person who ate it.Here’s how to avoid getting sick from […]