‘Bread’ to go on sale soon in India

The Indian Food and Beverage Regulatory Authority has approved the sale of ‘bread’ in the country.

The company behind the product is based in China, and it is expected to be available in India soon.

The announcement comes in the backdrop of a heated debate in India over what is the right way to handle dairy products in the diet.

A large number of farmers and consumers have expressed their concern over the lack of transparency in the food supply chain.

According to a study by the India-based non-profit Food Chain Action Network (FCAN), only 7% of the milk consumed in India is made from milk produced in the dairy sector.

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called for more transparency in milk supply chain management and better protection of the vulnerable.

In February, the government announced that it will be banning the import of cow’s milk into the country as of March 2019.