The Lad: A History of Life, Death, and Living in the Age of Nutrients

A History article article The Lad is a fictionalized version of the Bible.It is a book about life and death in the era of nutrition.It takes place in the year 2021 and is written by author Jeff Rieger.Riegers first book, […]

This restaurant offers the best cheese sandwiches in America

Posted September 15, 2018 03:37:31 After a month of being closed due to a major health crisis, a new Mexican restaurant is finally opening its doors.The only thing that’s changed since the closure of the former Dairy Queen restaurant is […]

When You Can Get an Adorable New Pizza from Pizza Hut, They’ll Actually Sell It to You

Pizza Hut has announced it will start selling frozen pizzas to its customers starting March 10.This means pizza lovers can now eat their own frozen pizza, rather than relying on Pizza Hut to bring them pizza.The new promotion will be […]

Why unsweeten almond milk doesn’t have the same nutritional value as unsweetensweetened apples

The nutritional value of unsweeteners such as almond milk is generally a moot point.The milk is a carbohydrate, which makes it less of a food than a protein and less of an energy source.But if you want to get a […]

‘Foodies of the future’ can get healthy foods in the future, a company says

The Foodies of The Future is a company that hopes to make healthful food accessible to the general public.Its founders, Daniela Sacco and Josef Zagreb, believe that the technology they are developing will revolutionize the way we consume food.They believe […]

How to get the most out of your zucchinis recipe: The easy, delicious and healthiest way

A lot of zucchi recipes are very simple to make, but they still need to be followed to a T. The perfect zucchetta recipe, by contrast, is surprisingly complex.We took it a step further by taking a look at the […]