How to avoid food poisoning and food poisoning-related illnesses in New York

You don’t need to be in New Jersey or Florida to be poisoned by a foodborne illness.

The most common cause of food poisoning is not a food item but the person who ate it.

Here’s how to avoid getting sick from eating contaminated foods: Keep your plate clean and avoid putting anything on the table that could get eaten by the person next to you.

Do not touch any of the food, even if it is a fork or spoon.

Do keep any food items out of your mouth, but only after using a fork and spoon to take a bite of the item.

Do wash your hands after touching any of your food items, but always rinse your hands with water.

Always wash your mouth after touching anything that is contaminated, even your fingers.

Do use the sink in your kitchen to wash dishes after cooking.

Do avoid using your hands in the sink.

Do be careful not to get contaminated water on your hands and clothing, such as socks, underwear, or shoes.

If you have a fever or other medical conditions, you can get food poisoning by eating contaminated food.

Food poisoning symptoms are: red or bluish-green eyes, fever, coughing, or vomiting