McDonald’s is getting ready to announce an $80 million expansion in its supply chain

McDonald’s said it is planning to expand its supply chains beyond its restaurants to a wider swath of customers and to provide a broader range of products to help its customers find the best value.

The company announced Monday that it would expand its operations to include a second facility in the Midwest.

The expansion will involve additional food service and retail locations, including a new McDonald’s grocery store and two new restaurants in Chicago and Detroit.

The announcement comes as McDonald’s faces mounting competition from other fast-food chains that are expanding their food supply chains.

The company has been making big changes to its supply and supply chain.

McDonald’s also is planning new food offerings and plans to open a drive-thru restaurant, in addition to a restaurant in New York City.

The new expansion is the latest in a series of changes in the fast-casual industry.

McDonalds has been adding a second franchise center in Ohio, and it is building a second drive-through restaurant in Florida.

It has been trying to open new restaurants outside of the United States.