McDonald’s may be giving away a ton of calories

McDonald’s has been accused of giving away calories by giving away the wrong amounts of fruit and vegetables, and not including a whopping portion of calories in its own menu.

It is unclear whether the calorie count is correct or not.

The company has not responded to multiple requests for comment, and the details of how many calories are included in the menu are not listed.

However, McDonald’s recently posted a new nutritional info on its website, claiming the menu has been updated and adding the calories it claims are included.

The updated menu does not include fruit and vegetable, but instead includes a whole section on “protein”.

The number of calories included is also not listed, instead listing the amount of protein in a “calorie”, but not how many.

According to nutritionist Rebecca Sisk, this is an error and the calories are actually not correct.

“I’m not a nutritionist and I can’t say whether or not the menu is completely accurate, but I would say the calorie counts are incorrect,” Sisk said.

“The total calories on the menu, the portion of fruit/vegetables, protein and the portion with all the other ingredients are all wrong.”

The New Zealand-based nutritionist told the ABC’s Breakfast on Monday that the company was wrong in its claim of adding 20 grams of protein per serving.

“That’s a lot of protein, but it’s not a whole lot of food,” she said.

McDonald’s has said it has been trying to correct the error, and has now put the correct calorie count on the menus.

“McDonalds menu has now been updated to include all the correct calories on its menus,” a spokesperson told ABC Radio NZ.

“As you can see from the menu the new menu will be much more relevant to you than the old.”

The menu was updated to reflect the new information.

McDonalds has also posted the new nutritional information on its websites.

“The spokesperson said the new calorie counts on the new menus are now accurate, although it is not clear if they include the amount from the new nutrition information or just the amount listed on the original menu.”

This is a matter for McDonalds and its marketing team to investigate.”McDonald�s said it was not a registered dietitian, and it would not comment on specific products or diets.”

If you have any nutritional concerns please get in touch with our nutrition team, or visit our Nutrition and Health team on 1300 752 533 to discuss your nutrition,” the company said in a statement.

McD�s has said the information is a “logistical error”.”

We’ve had to take action to make sure our menus are more relevant, more accurate and more up to date,” a spokeswoman said.”

We�re working hard to ensure our menus reflect the current and future health of our customers and we will continue to update them with the latest information and nutritional information.

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