New York City restaurant unveils vegan menu

New York city restaurant is launching a vegan menu, and it will feature a new type of tofu. York City restaurants are now allowing vegan food sources to be included on their menus, including on vegetarian options, which include fish and chicken wings, tuna, chickpeas, mushrooms, spinach and avocado.

New York chef, and vegan chef, Yotam Ottolenghi said the restaurant, which opened on January 17, will feature vegan options on its vegan menu.

He said the goal was to give customers a “full range of vegan options, both vegetarian and not”.

Ottolenghis new menu is vegan and gluten-free.

“The main goal was that it would be a vegan, gluten- free, dairy-free, egg-free menu,” he said.

“We wanted to make sure it was very accessible to anyone who wants to try it and it also was a menu that we thought would appeal to people who may not have tried vegetarian or vegan food before.”

It’s an entirely new menu, so there’s not much overlap between it and the vegan menu that I’ve had before.

“The restaurant, called Oceania, will be the first in New York to serve vegan food.”

Oceania is just a new name, but it’s going to be the last one,” Ottolenggi said.”[It’s] going to serve what we have now and we’re hoping to open another location in the coming months.

“If we have to open a new location, we’ll definitely be opening one in Manhattan.”

Oceanas vegan menu will include “seafood”, “fish and chicken”, “tuna”, “potato” and “carrot”.

Ottens new menu will be available to try on January 19.

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