The Lad: A History of Life, Death, and Living in the Age of Nutrients

A History article article The Lad is a fictionalized version of the Bible.It is a book about life and death in the era of nutrition.It takes place in the year 2021 and is written by author Jeff Rieger.Riegers first book, […]

How to learn how to eat like a champ: How to eat the right foods, at the right times, to stay healthy and prevent diseases

How to know how much to eat and what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed?Apple’s Health app is one of those tools you can’t miss, offering easy-to-use nutritional information and a comprehensive breakdown of all the foods you can eat […]

Which food brands are best for your health?

Health experts say you should be eating a healthy diet, not just because it will help you feel better, but also because it can help prevent chronic diseases.So here’s a look at some of the food groups that offer health […]

How to make an apple half and half from scratch

Posted October 19, 2018 07:01:20 You can make apple half-and-half from scratch.I have had this recipe in my repertoire for years and I always feel good about it.If you don’t have a recipe that you enjoy or you don�t know […]