The Burrito Bowl is a great way to get your nutrition information on the go!

The Burritos of Latin America, as they’re known, are a popular meal in the world’s largest cities.They’re a combination of beans, tortillas, meat and cheese with lettuce and tomatoes.They are served with either a hot chili sauce or a spicy […]

How does a $2.50 burger make you feel?

A burger at Buffalo Wild Wings will likely have you salivating.It is a burger that was just opened at the chain’s new outlet on the city’s waterfront, the Buffalo Wild Goose.It is also, for some reason, named the Buffalo.“I have […]

Why Are They Saying Banana Nutrition Information is “Too Good to Be True?”

A reader of this blog is wondering if bananas are the only food that contains fat and calories, and therefore whether they’re the most nutritious.We know that bananas contain a high amount of protein and vitamins and minerals.But they also […]