‘Fruit juice’ could contain cancer-causing toxins, study finds

The FDA is warning consumers about the potential cancer-inducing effects of “fruit juice” that contains a chemical called polysorbate 80.A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the chemical may also be linked to […]

This restaurant offers the best cheese sandwiches in America

Posted September 15, 2018 03:37:31 After a month of being closed due to a major health crisis, a new Mexican restaurant is finally opening its doors.The only thing that’s changed since the closure of the former Dairy Queen restaurant is […]

How to keep your jet pizza healthy and keep it from getting too soggy

Jet pizza is a must for any family that wants to eat delicious, crunchy pizza.But sometimes the sauce is a little too thick or the toppings too salty, so it’s important to try to avoid adding too much sauce.Here are […]

How to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum using simple software

How to create a new cryptocurrency using the simplest of steps?There’s no shortage of solutions to make Bitcoin and other digital currencies more valuable to investors and developers alike, and now, a startup has come up with a new method […]

How to Eat Cherries with Subway Nutritional Information

How to eat cherries with a Subway nutritional information package.This package will provide information on the nutritional content of cherries, as well as information on nutrition and health benefits.You can also make your own Nutritional Facts package.You’ll need the following […]