The Burrito Bowl is a great way to get your nutrition information on the go!

The Burritos of Latin America, as they’re known, are a popular meal in the world’s largest cities.They’re a combination of beans, tortillas, meat and cheese with lettuce and tomatoes.They are served with either a hot chili sauce or a spicy […]

Why do some tacos seem more delicious when they are cooked with tomatoes?

The answer may have something to do with the amount of water in the sauce.In the past, tomatoes have been known to soak up water and cause a tomato flavor to be muted, which could lead to the flavor being […]

What to do if you find your favourite brand of cocoa powder is not vegan

This is a tricky question.I’m sure you have had a few chocolate and vanilla bean-related moments, but do you know what the real difference between cocoa powder and regular chocolate is?The cocoa powder industry is constantly in flux, as are […]

What you need to know about chopt nutrition and how to use it

You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content.We’ve tried to keep this guide simple, but if you’re an advanced reader, there are a lot of tips and tricks.For more information about chutney, visit our chutneys and […]

Why McDonald’s is so proud of its Whopper burger

McDonald’s may have a new Whopper in the works.The fast food chain said on Monday that it is making a Whopper based on the popular chicken sandwich.The burger has the same ingredients as the original, but the company is aiming […]