How to keep your jet pizza healthy and keep it from getting too soggy

Jet pizza is a must for any family that wants to eat delicious, crunchy pizza.But sometimes the sauce is a little too thick or the toppings too salty, so it’s important to try to avoid adding too much sauce.Here are […]

How to make scallops and other bacon-flavored food in a microwave

If you’re looking to get your bacon fix, the latest cooking gadget on the market is a microwave.There’s no doubt that a microwave can be a lifesaver when it comes to cooking bacon, and a couple of the newest products […]

How do you keep your crabs happy?

Washington State University scientists have discovered a way to keep crabs happy.The discovery of a protein called pectin has been attributed to a type of fungus called Pectinox.Pectins are found in the digestive tract of crustaceans and cause them to […]

How to eat a pizza without having to buy a whole bunch of expensive ingredients

Pizzas have been on a massive diet lately, but are you ready to start eating a whole lot less?Forget the cheese and tomato sauce, as they’re pretty much gone in the kitchen.Pizzagate, as it’s known, was sparked by an alleged […]