What to do with your $100 million in Starbucks stock after you quit?

Starbucks is currently valued at $75 billion, and as of yesterday the company was worth $71.5 billion.The company has a $1.2 billion buyout package that was approved by regulators last year.In an interview with Business Insider, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz […]

Why McDonald’s is so proud of its Whopper burger

McDonald’s may have a new Whopper in the works.The fast food chain said on Monday that it is making a Whopper based on the popular chicken sandwich.The burger has the same ingredients as the original, but the company is aiming […]

McDonald’s may be giving away a ton of calories

McDonald’s has been accused of giving away calories by giving away the wrong amounts of fruit and vegetables, and not including a whopping portion of calories in its own menu.It is unclear whether the calorie count is correct or not.The […]

Indian restaurant chain mcdonald’s nutrition information is inaccurate, a spokesman says

The Times Of India, India – McDonald’s nutrition info is inaccurate.“We don’t serve red wine, so if you order red wine it will be a wine.We don’t make carrots.We make rice,” the company said in a statement on Sunday, adding […]

How to Eat a Burger King Nutrition Info | McDonald’s Nutrition Information

On a typical day, McDonald’s provides its customers with a burger, fries, coleslaw and salad.The company uses different methods of measuring and analyzing the nutrition information that it provides, which can make it difficult to compare nutrition information.Here are some […]

Which food items have the best nutritional information?

TOTALLY!It’s a tough nut to crack, but here’s how we rank the food items that we consider to be the most nutritious.We’re using a simple formula based on our personal experiences, which we’ve compiled from a variety of sources.It includes […]

Dairy, meat, dairy products: What are the facts?

In this post, we’ll look at what is commonly known about each of these products, and what they’re actually good for.We’ll also take a look at a few things to consider when choosing the best sources of each of the […]

When McDonald’s is a $25 meal: How McDonald’s has managed to survive without an organic certification

When McDonalds was first introduced to the American palate in 1976, the restaurant chain’s nutritional data was based on the ingredients and ingredients alone.Today, McDonald’s nutrition information is a product of rigorous testing and peer-reviewed research.The results speak for themselves.But […]

How to prepare your own rice: How to cook and eat the rice

I’m not going to be saying it’s not safe, or that it’s safe to eat.That’s because rice is the best food source of all.Rice is the source of most vitamins and minerals, including zinc, copper, iron, vitamin B-12, and vitamin […]

How do you keep your crabs happy?

Washington State University scientists have discovered a way to keep crabs happy.The discovery of a protein called pectin has been attributed to a type of fungus called Pectinox.Pectins are found in the digestive tract of crustaceans and cause them to […]