What to do if you find your favourite brand of cocoa powder is not vegan

This is a tricky question.I’m sure you have had a few chocolate and vanilla bean-related moments, but do you know what the real difference between cocoa powder and regular chocolate is?The cocoa powder industry is constantly in flux, as are […]

How to make your pizza look like a pizza from a year ago

Food is everywhere.We can’t just stop at the basics.We need to take the next step and do things a little differently to achieve a better food experience.Thats why, with a little creativity, we can get the pizza of the year […]

Here are the top 10 foods to get your liver function tested, by FoodNavigator

FoodNavigators has ranked the top ten foods to test for liver function, based on how well they match up to the nutritional requirements of the person with liver disease.The list includes some common foods, like eggs, milk, bread and butter, […]

What are the best foods for vegetarians?

In a new study, researchers say vegetarians may not need to sacrifice their health in order to be a good vegan.The study found that vegetarians are healthier than non-vegetarians and are healthier overall, including with respect to obesity and heart […]