‘Fruit juice’ could contain cancer-causing toxins, study finds

The FDA is warning consumers about the potential cancer-inducing effects of “fruit juice” that contains a chemical called polysorbate 80.A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the chemical may also be linked to […]

The potato industry’s red wine price rise: The truth and myths

The red wine industry has a reputation for producing highly sought after wines, but not always in the way that consumers would have hoped.The price of red wines has risen on the back of rising demand from China, which has […]

Indian restaurant chain mcdonald’s nutrition information is inaccurate, a spokesman says

The Times Of India, India – McDonald’s nutrition info is inaccurate.“We don’t serve red wine, so if you order red wine it will be a wine.We don’t make carrots.We make rice,” the company said in a statement on Sunday, adding […]

What to know about the nutritional information in carrots, strawberries, and blueberries

I’m no nutrition expert, but I’ve had plenty of experience with the different types of foods I eat, so I know what’s in them.And my guess is that I’m just a little bit more knowledgeable than most.What’s in carrots?The name […]