How To Grow Your Own Nutritional Information: Scallops nutrition information

You might have been thinking about scallops for years now, but now you can plant them in your garden.The edible plant has become the ultimate superfood for those who love to eat it.It’s the perfect plant for your garden, and […]

What to do if you find your favourite brand of cocoa powder is not vegan

This is a tricky question.I’m sure you have had a few chocolate and vanilla bean-related moments, but do you know what the real difference between cocoa powder and regular chocolate is?The cocoa powder industry is constantly in flux, as are […]

‘Foodies of the future’ can get healthy foods in the future, a company says

The Foodies of The Future is a company that hopes to make healthful food accessible to the general public.Its founders, Daniela Sacco and Josef Zagreb, believe that the technology they are developing will revolutionize the way we consume food.They believe […]

This post-pregnancy supplement contains synthetic chemicals and may contain chemicals that could pose health risks

In a nutshell, this post-natal supplement contains two synthetic compounds that could potentially cause allergic reactions.The first is a synthetic chemical called pyrrolidine.In the article that contains the first two ingredients, it says: “A chemical known as pyrilidine is used […]

Here are the top 10 foods to get your liver function tested, by FoodNavigator

FoodNavigators has ranked the top ten foods to test for liver function, based on how well they match up to the nutritional requirements of the person with liver disease.The list includes some common foods, like eggs, milk, bread and butter, […]

Why McDonald’s is so proud of its Whopper burger

McDonald’s may have a new Whopper in the works.The fast food chain said on Monday that it is making a Whopper based on the popular chicken sandwich.The burger has the same ingredients as the original, but the company is aiming […]

What you need to know about the world’s most popular ice cream

Dairy products such as almond milk, coconut milk and buffalo wild wings are high in calcium, but a new study has revealed they are also loaded with protein.The article begins with an image of a large ice cream cone topped […]