The latest Australian carrot nutrition facts

The Australian Department of Agriculture has released a report that shows a carrot diet is a very healthy way to go if you want to lose weight.

The Australian Institute of Sport Nutrition and Exercise science and technology expert, Dr Paul Whelan, said that if you follow the guidelines outlined in the new report, you’ll see a reduction in your risk of developing cancer.

The report also found that a carrot, lettuce and tomato salad contains about 1.5 grams of fibre per 100g, which is about twice the amount found in a normal salad.

“That’s a big difference, and it’s an important one, because when you’re eating this, you’re also eating lots of fibre,” Dr Whelans told the ABC.

“And that’s important, because that fibre is important for the body to absorb and use as energy.”

Dr Whellans said a carrot salad contains enough fibre to support an adult for six to nine weeks.

“You’ll see more fibre than you’d normally get from a salad,” he said.

“We think that’s a very significant difference.”

The report said a vegetable salad with vegetables like broccoli, peas and carrots is about 4 grams of total fibre per 300g, whereas a salad containing a carrot is about 3 grams.

Dr Wshellans recommended you eat a carrot every day, but if you don’t like the taste, you can also eat a mix of the three foods.

He also said you should eat a salad every day if you are going to have a hot day and you are avoiding foods that could contribute to overheating.

Dr Jody Ritchie, a professor of nutrition and exercise science at the University of Melbourne, said a lot of people are not eating enough carrots.

“The vast majority of the population do not have access to enough vegetables in their diet,” she said.

“And it’s the amount of vegetables that matters the most.”

So, for a lot, people don’t know what vegetables to include, or don’t eat enough of the ones that they do.

It is recommended that you cut back on the amount you eat, Dr Riggins said. “

A lot of these overweight and obese people are also consuming a lot more calories than they should, which can increase the risk of obesity,” Dr Ritchie said.

It is recommended that you cut back on the amount you eat, Dr Riggins said.

Dr Richey said there are also health benefits to a carrot-based diet, including the reduction in the risk that people will develop Type 2 diabetes.

“If you’re overweight or obesity, you have this increased risk of diabetes, and that’s an extra risk of having this condition,” Dr Jiggins said, adding that if people follow a carrot food diet, they are also less likely to develop Type 1 diabetes.

The research was published online today in the Australian Journal of Clinical Nutrition. ABC/AAP