This restaurant offers the best cheese sandwiches in America

Posted September 15, 2018 03:37:31 After a month of being closed due to a major health crisis, a new Mexican restaurant is finally opening its doors.

The only thing that’s changed since the closure of the former Dairy Queen restaurant is the name of the restaurant.

Now called Café Cucina de Lava, the new location will feature a full-service bar, two restaurants and a rooftop patio.

This new eatery will be the first to open in the Los Angeles area.

According to Eater, the first restaurant to open at Café Cacil will be located in the heart of the city.

The location has a two-story brick building that sits on the ground floor.

As Eater reported, the restaurant will have an outdoor patio, two full-size TVs, a bar, and a restaurant with a full kitchen.

Eater added that there are also plans for a new full-scale restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles.

In the past, the Los Angles-based restaurant had an online presence that showed up on Eater’s website at least once a week.

The website showed up to show up a couple of times each week.

As of now, Eater is not sure if the online presence is still active or not.

Eater reports that the restaurant is going to open sometime this summer.

It will be a new eaterie that will have a full bar and a full restaurant.

The restaurant is also going to offer an upscale menu, including items such as a grilled chicken sandwich, grilled shrimp, and the aforementioned grilled cheese sandwich.

According the restaurant’s website, the café is currently undergoing renovations.

The menu is expected to be available by June.

The new restaurant is expected be open by the end of July.

We have reached out to Café Cocina de lava for comment.