What is the best way to cook your vegetables?

By Stephanie FeltzPublished November 21, 2017 11:05:55The best way for people to cook their vegetables is to soak them overnight, according to a new report from Culver’s.

The supermarket chain said it found that soaking the vegetables overnight makes them easier to cook and reduces the risk of browning.

“The soaking process removes most of the moisture and starch, so the vegetable retains its shape, moisture and flavor for longer,” the report said.

“The results are worth noting because the cooking process is the most important component of a well-cooked vegetable.”

Cooking with a spongeThe new report comes after the Culvers blog, which has over 2 million followers, published a similar study in May.

The company’s findings also showed that a sponge, which can be used to soak a vegetable, helps reduce browning and reduces risk of spoilage.