When You Can Get an Adorable New Pizza from Pizza Hut, They’ll Actually Sell It to You

Pizza Hut has announced it will start selling frozen pizzas to its customers starting March 10.

This means pizza lovers can now eat their own frozen pizza, rather than relying on Pizza Hut to bring them pizza.

The new promotion will be available on a limited basis, but you can try it for yourself in store.

The company says it will offer the frozen pizza at stores across the country.

Pizzas will be served with a side of toppings like a cheese pizza, cheese sauce, and cheese sauce.

The frozen pizzapacks will cost $8.99 for two or $10.99 each.

The promotion comes just one week after Pizza Hut began selling a new, more nutritious version of its popular Panda Express.

In January, the pizza chain announced that it would be giving away 10 million frozen pizzaps to Pizza Hut customers.