Why do people eat bacon?

The best way to eat bacon is to cook it, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours in a kitchen preparing the dish.

A new study from researchers at the University of Alabama shows that a quick, easy meal like a bacon sandwich can do just fine.

“When we add bacon to a hot meal, the bacon flavor and texture are what really takes the edge off,” said Katherine A. Whelan, assistant professor of nutrition and director of the school’s Nutrition Science Center.

“If you eat bacon, it gives you a sense of balance in your diet.”

Bacon is a meaty protein that’s often referred to as bacon fat.

Its fat is rich in saturated fat, and it’s often used in sandwiches and sandwiches sandwiches with a lot of cheese.

Bacons are usually grilled over a wood fire.

Researchers wanted to see how bacon flavor changes with time.

To find out, the team ate about 6,000 slices of bacon a day.

Then they compared the bacon with slices of other meats and vegetables.

They were looking for the bacon’s different textures, like the texture of the fat and the size of the chunks.

They also looked for the flavor of the bacon.

Researchers found that bacon flavor remained the same throughout the study, even after a few hours of cooking.

This was important because the researchers wanted to know if bacon fat, the fat found in meat, was an important factor in the absorption of nutrients like vitamin B12 and zinc.

The researchers then looked at whether bacon flavor changed as people ate more of each type of meat.

They found that there was no difference between slices of grilled bacon and slices of sliced pork, and grilled bacon was better for both meat types.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, also found that people who ate bacon more often ate more calories and had a higher body weight, which can have health benefits.

The study also showed that people in the study ate more bacon fat and were less likely to have chronic diseases like hypertension.