Why you need to get a banana every day

How do you get your banana every morning?

It’s a question I get a lot about, and one that seems to be on the minds of many of you.

But the truth is, the average banana is actually quite good at getting you through the day.

It’s actually pretty healthy, right?

Well, if you’re eating it fresh, it’s actually a lot of different things.

And it’s really good at making sure that you don’t get all of your nutrients from one thing.

The banana is not the only fruit that gets your body pumped up for energy.

So is it even worth eating?

We’ll answer that question and much more with this new podcast, “How to Eat Everything.”

The new podcast features a lot more interesting and informative interviews with nutrition experts and health experts.

We’ll talk about nutrition, exercise, sleep, and much, much more.

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